The APA 8-Ball Classic
This event begins at the Local Level where APA members compete on Qualifier Boards. A Qualifier Board is made up of four to eight players with one player advancing on to regional play. Cost to participate on a board ranges from $15.00 to $30.00, depending on the size of the board. A Local Qualifer Board can be an Open Board, or custom designed to allow specified skill levels, ex: 3's only, 5's only, etc . There are two qualifying seasons for the APA 8-Ball Classic. Season I participants (January 1 - June 15) qualify for the Fall Regionals held in October. Season II participants (June 16 - Nov. 30) compete in the Spring Regionals in March.

Any APA member participating on an active 8-Ball team can qualify for the APA 8-Ball Classic, as long as a minimum of 10 regular session match scores are on record (within the last two years). This singles competition also uses The Equalizer® handicapping system. Winners at the Local Level are advanced to the Regional Level. Their are three tiers at the Regional Level, as well as the National Level (Purple Tier--SL6s and SL7s; Yellow Tier--SL4s and SL5s; Blue Tier--SL3s and SL2s). Winners at the Regional Level receive airfare and lodging courtesy of APA and advance to Las Vegas to compete in the National Championship.

At the National Level, over $200,000 is awarded in cash and prizes! All finalists receive a ticket to the Awards Ceremony and Banquet hosted by the APA for all the participants. The APA 8-Ball Classic will be held at the Riviera Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Visit our calendar and discover where Boards are scheduled to play. Then simply show up at the designated time and place, and discover the fun and excitement of participating in the APA 8-Ball Classic.

If you would like to participate by getting a group of APA members together, and running your own Qualifier Board, simply email the APA office and let us know when and where the event will happen. We will post this to the calendar.

 Singles Boards

8 - Ball qualifiers
Scotch Doubles Qualifier - Top 2 Teams qualify!
  • 1 Coach per team
  • Double Elimination
  • Any gender mix
  • Skill level of 10
  • No changes to roster in Vegas
  • Must have at least 20 8 ball matches
  • Must be on an active 8 ball team during the spring session
  • $50 entry per team
  • Players may participate in 1 team in 8 Ball