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Scott Racy- League Operator

PHONE: (210) 599-4140 - email:


                                                                           Last Revision May 5, 2018

These bylaws have been read and approved by the American Pool players Association, Inc.

Your Official Team Manual is your primary source of information and rules that you will be using, unless noted in these local bylaws.

OFFICE HOURS are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. If we are not available, please leave your name, phone number, and a brief message. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

START TIME is at 7:30 PM*. Play must begin @ 7:45, even if only one player from the team is present. Play must be continuous; otherwise forfeits will be awarded to the team which is present. (* Start times may vary based on day of play.)

APA PLAYER MEMBERSHIP DUES are due the first night a player plays. Any team playing a player without their membership dues paid will forfeit that match and forfeit the bonus point for the week. Any player, who has not played a match, must pay their membership by the 4th week or they will be dropped from the roster.

TEAM FEES are $35.00* per week for all scheduled matches, regardless of the number of games played, including forfeits and the division playoffs. As the APA is not responsible for cash, we recommend all weekly dues be paid by check. If you pay by check, please make them out to the APA. There will be a $20.00 charge for any returned checks, plus loss of Bonus Point. (* Team fees may vary based on day and format of play.) All teams are responsible for weekly fees even if they have a home sponsor.

NEW PLAYERS wishing to join a team must have a membership application and membership dues in the envelope the first night he/she plays. Add the player's name to the score sheet, and the word "add." They must have their membership dues paid, or, his/her match will be forfeited. After the fourth week, the League Office, prior to the start of the first match, must approve the player. No players may be added to a team during the last three (3) weeks of regular session play. NO EXCEPTIONS! Members must be at least 18 yrs. old to join the League. Please remember not all locations will allow anyone under 21 yrs. of age to enter.

BONUS POINTS Three ( 3 ) bonus point will be awarded in 8-Ball and 15 points in 9-Ball. Each team must fully complete the team's score sheet, collect all fees due for the week and have the team's packet at the drop off/pick up location, no later than 6:00 p.m., the day after the team's scheduled match.

PENALTY POINTS One penalty point in 8-Ball and 15 penalty points in 9-Ball. Penalty points will be deducted from the teams points, beginning the following Saturday of that week’s matches for packets being late. Additional points will be deducted each day until receipt of packets at the

League Office. Once the points are lost, they are gone forever. Only if deemed to be an administration error will the points be awarded.

FORFEITS if a team fails to show for a match, the opposing team (providing 5 players are present) will receive 8 points plus 1 bonus point, provided all bonus point requirements are met. Forfeits during the last 3 weeks of any session will be worth 7 points plus 3 bonus point in 8-Ball and 60 points plus 10 bonus points in 9-Ball. In the new 3-point 8-Ball scoring forfeits will count as Individual forfeit = 2 points, Team forfeits = 8 points, Individual PLAYOFF forfeit = 3 points. Teams that do not show up for 2 consecutive weeks will be considered dropped from the League and a new schedule will be issued. Dropped teams or any suspended player will forfeit all benefits, trophies, awards and prize money.

DROPPED TEAMS Teams that drop out after the fourth week of a session will owe the APA the balance of all weekly fees for the remainder of that session. If the balance is not paid in full, then each player who wishes to continue participating in the APA will pay their prorated portion of the uncollected fees. This applies, even if the player(s) is on more than one team, and remains active on the other team(s). Any team finishing a session, and still owes uncollected weekly fees will pay the balance the first week of the following session. If the team does not sign up for the following session, any player(s) from that team wishing to join another team will pay their prorated portion of the uncollected fees.


* BYE = 8 points in the new 3-point 8-Ball scoring

• Sixty (60) Points will be awarded for all byes in the 9-Ball League.

• Bonus Points are not applicable to Byes.

• No weekly fees will be due.

TIME OUT See the Official Team Manual for more information regarding coaching. Timeouts may not exceed one minute. Coaching can come only from players on current roster. No advice can be given from person or persons not on team roster.


Practice Time: Visiting team shall receive the match table 30 minutes prior to the match beginning.

LAGGING will determine who has first break. Do not use Cue Ball.

BREAKING DOWN CUE STICK COMPLETELY in a game losing situation may be loss or concession of game. They should check with their opponent, asking if they are conceding the game.

Earphones and plugs are not allowed during League play.

HOMETEAMS are responsible for determining which table is to be used for the match, and providing adequate seating for the visiting team during regular session play. It is the home team responsibility to inform visiting team of any table rolls or dead rails on match table.


MARKING TABLE is not allowed. Using chalk on the wood part of the rail is ok, setting chalk on the felted part of the rail is NOT ALLOWED.

PLAYER SELECTION has been made for a particular match, as soon as the opposing team has been notified of their player, and can not be changed, unless it is determined that the "23-Rule" will be violated. Captains, please watch out for the "23-Rule" violation prior to choosing your players.

NEW TEAMS may be added at any time during the beginning of a session. The League Office will determine whether to issue the new team points equaling the last place team or bye points, or, arrange make up matches. (Or anytime the League Office feels it is pertinent)

ABBREVIATIONS: to better communicate Match results, please use the following abbreviations:

• SCRATCH ON 8. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . SO8

8 BALL WRONG POCKET . . . . . . . 8WP

8 OUT OF TURN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8OT


Scorekeeping: Must be kept by an APA league player.

RESCHEDULED MATCHES must be made up within two (2) weeks of the original match, unless pre-approved by the League Office. If not, zero points will be awarded to either team. Weekly Fees will be due for these matches. No matches will be made up the last 2 weeks of session play. The League Office must be informed of any rescheduled matches. No exceptions.

TEAMS ACHIEVING ELIGIBILTY will be decided by Tri-Cup playoffs at the end of each session.

Eight Ball:

• Summer Session: 6 Teams will qualify for city tournament

• Fall Session: 5 Teams will qualify for city tournament

• Spring Session: 5 Teams will qualify for city tournament

Nine Ball:

• Summer Session: 6 Teams will qualify for city tournament

• Fall Session 5 Teams will qualify for city tournament

• Spring Session: 5 Teams will qualify for city tournament

Qualified teams, City Qualified or Tri -Cup, may not change divisions without prior approval from the League Office.

Any team disqualified during Tri-Cups forfeits any cash and awards as well as any qualification.

No Player with an unpaid membership can play in Tri-Cups.

If your team qualifies for Tri-Cups, you must have a team remain active in the following session. So if you qualify for Tri-Cup in the Fall Session, you must remain active in the Spring.


TEAMS ACHIEVING ELIGIBILTY are subject to losing their eligibility if they do not maintain at least a 50% winning percentage for the session or sessions after becoming qualified*. (Certain Restrictions Apply)

WEEKLY FEES must be current for any teams to enter the Session Playoffs and/or the City Finals.

SEVERE WEATHER conditions or travelers advisory warnings are reason enough for rescheduling team matches. Please notify the League Office for assistance with rescheduling of the match.

PROTEST must be in writing and include a $25.00 protest fee. The League Operator will inform the team that wins the protest and return their $25.00.

LATE FEES any team that falls 2 weeks behind in paying their dues will be dropped from the League for nonpayment. Dropped teams will forfeit all benefits, trophies, awards and prize money.

BANNED PLAYERS if a player has been banned from an APA location, the team must play without him/her. The APA does not have the right to insist that an APA player be admitted to that location. .

FALSIFICATION OF SCORESHEET any team caught sandbagging or sending in falsified score sheets will be subject to any penalties handed down by the League Operator.


• Male skill level 2. S (8-Ball) will play in all Higher Level Tournaments as 3. S.

• Masse. And jump shots are only legal if the house rules allow them. Check with the owner.

• Any player that has more than 2 sportsmanship violations may be dropped from the League.

• Breaking down completely of your cue in a game may be loss or concession of game. They should check with their opponent, asking if they are conceding the game.

* Any player with less than 4 matches played in regular session is ineligible for playoffs and Tri-Cups their handicap will not count towards the overall 23 handicap team rule.


Four (4) to Seven (7) Teams will be - Top three in point standings and one Wild Card

Eight (8) to Sixteen (16) Teams will be- Top five in point standings and one Wild Card


  • Divisions with ( 4 ) four team will qualify ( 1 ) one team decided by division playoffs.

  • Divisions with ( 5 ) or more teams will qualify ( 2 ) two teams. The team finishing 1st place at the end of the regular session play will be crowned division champion and will not have to play in playoffs and will automatically qualify for tri cup. The second ( 2nd ) team will qualify by winning division playoffs.


At any time, at the sole discretion of the League Operator, APA of San Antonio can refuse to do business with any individual regardless of whether the individual’s APA membership is in good standing. Most often, players who are unwelcome in the League will be those who are disruptive to the League, repeatedly complain about handicaps or who otherwise deride the League in public.